Superior Thread Rolling Now Accepts American Express

November 2016

In addition to accepting Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, Superior Thread Rolling now accepts American Express cards for all payments. Simply call us with your credit card number and save the time and expense of dealing with paper-based invoices. Your account is never charged until your parts have shipped, unless other arrangements have been made and approved by you in advance. Your transaction is 100% secure so why not try our latest convenience for yourself. Contact us today and find out how simple it is to pay by credit card at Superior Thread Rolling.

Chris Mundy Becomes New STR Quality Manager

November 2015

Superior Thread Rolling is pleased to announce that Chris Mundy has been selected to take the role of Quality Manager for the company. Chris brings two years of experience as thread roll department manager at Superior Thread, and six years of quality assurance experience at Alcon, a Novartis company and worldwide leader in cutting-edge innovation and breakthrough manufacturing technology in eye care products.

Chris graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in mechanical engineering. He was selected to participate in the Alcon RADAR (Rotational Assignments Developing Alcon Resources) leadership development program. In the rotational program Chris led five quality teams in the manufacturing of surgical eye care devices in Irvine, California; disposable surgical packs in Houston, Texas; and eye and nasal pharmaceuticals in Fort Worth, Texas. Chris brings a wealth of experience in quality, employee development, manufacturing, lean principles, and teamwork integration skills. We are proud to welcome him to our quality team at Superior Thread Rolling.

Superior Featured in California Economic Summit Video

December 2013

As California Forward’s Cheryl Getuiza explains: “The reports of manufacturing's demise in California are probably exaggerated. In Southern California, the largest manufacturing region in the country, there are still 360,000 workers in the industry. The problem for manufacturers is that number of skilled workers is not big enough.”

Superior Thread Rolling is featured in a California Economic Summit video "A Missing Ingredient in California's Manufacturing Revival” as a prime example of this ongoing issue. In the video, Superior president Tom Mundy explains the challenges of doing business in today’s economic climate, and the difficulties in finding and retaining qualified employees in California. Tom also points out the demise of high school career technical education courses in recent years, and calls for a restoration of this vital education/economic link for Southern California’s manufacturing future. Cheryl Getuiza confirms, “investment in education is an investment in manufacturing…in the biggest manufacturing state in the country.”

Superior Makes the Top 20 List of Manufacturers

November 2013

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal – an award-winning publication reporting on business in the greater San Fernando Valley – has released its most recent list of the top manufacturing companies ranked by number of employees. Superior Thread Rolling made the list at number 20 with 71 employees at its manufacturing plant in Arleta. Among the other top 20 manufacturers on the list are well-known names like Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Aerospace, Crane Aerospace, and Nestle USA.

Superior Thread Rolling is proud to be recognized as one of the top manufacturing companies in the “Valley”, a vibrant and growing area just north of downtown Los Angeles. With 29,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space and more than half a century of knowledge and experience, Superior Thread Rolling is a top source for thread rolling and precision machining. From simple threads to complex machining, from aluminum to high-tensile steel and titanium, Superior Thread Rolling is your best choice for top-quality threaded components and assemblies. Contact us today to learn more about what our team can do for you.

Click here to see the complete list of SFVBJ top manufacturers (pdf).

2012 Completed Continuous Improvement Projects

May 2013

Following is a list of the Continuous Improvement Projects completed at Superior Thread Rolling during calendar year 2012. To learn more about our Continuous Improvement Program please email us or call us at (818) 504-3626.

• Created “Key Process Indicator (KPI)” Boards at each cell to visually track performance
• Implemented Health and Safety Team meetings through the “Safety 360” program
• Implemented an Inventory Cycle Counting program to replace annual physical inventory counts
• Re-vamped archiving program to maintain long-term records more efficiently
• Created a Recycling program at STR for plastics, aluminum, and paper
• Maintenance Department re-vamped, and cleaning stations added throughout the shop
• Updated our manufacturing cells with four new Samsung CNC Lathes and one Haas CNC Mill
• Re-modeled the Identification work area including full 6-S implementation
• Built state of the art training/conference room to increase employee training objectives
• Formalized our 6s continuous improvement methods with wireless scoring system within 48 defined zones to insure accountability
• Consolidated Thread Rolling Estimating and Thread Rolling Planning responsibilities from into our common manufacturing Engineering and Estimating Departments to increase shop floor efficiency and improve customer service

2011 Completed Continuous Improvement Projects

August 2012

Following is a list of the Continuous Improvement Projects completed at Superior Thread Rolling during calendar year 2011. To learn more about our Continuous Improvement Program please email us or call us at (818) 504-3626.

• Implemented 6-S Program – Training, Auditing and Incentives
• All Cells: Created Tooling Plate Standards
• Develop Cycle Counting structure for inventory control
• Held six Kaizen Events
• Created Company Dash Board with 16 various metrics for employee communication
• Purchased two new CNC equipment
• Created two new Inspection cells for Thread Roll Inspection
• Purchased three aqueous degreasers / ultrasonic cleaners for thread roll cells
• Added six new computer stations for additional administrative staff
• Added Green T-8 lighting system throughout the company
• Installed Fans throughout the shop to assist air conditioning system and reduce energy costs
• Hired operations manager and re-structured company organization chart
• Remodeled company lobby and added video presentation for visitors
• New E-250 Van to double our capacity for deliveries and pick-ups
• Defined and Implemented a permanent tool string in the Bushing Cell
• Created Contract Review form within our M1 ERP system to streamline job release process
• Purchased Catia for new Digital Data capabilities and quoting
• Implemented Capacity Graph for shop scheduling and improve on-time delivery

2010 Completed Continuous Improvement Projects

September 2011

Following is a list of the Continuous Improvement Projects completed at Superior Thread Rolling during calendar year 2010. To learn more about our Continuous Improvement Program please email us or call us at (818) 504-3626.

• Daily Manufacturing Goals Chart – Efficiencies (Pc’s per day)
• New TV in Shop communicating customer satisfaction, Objectives, internal metrics & measurements.
• Hired new engineer & planner
• New Production Control Manager position
• Purchased and implemented “Discus” software for planning & inspection lean process
• New process for MFG. CofC’s – New form, scanning docs at final & receiving inspection
• Color coded Archival storage boxes (colored dots) for destroy after dates
• New air gauging & dial bores and other misc. inspection equipment upgrades
• New Metallurgical Lab & equipment
• New thread roll die repair center & new lathe
• New stamps
• New DIR process, stamps & training
• New more comprehensive Rockwell equipment training & test for authorized operators
• New Inventory tags – in lieu of copying certs & inspection records to go with inventory
• New “5S’d shipping area with new equipment, kan-ban/LTA with material supplier
• New supplier performance monitoring (Quarterly)

AS9100 Certification of Registration

Feb 2013

Superior Thread Rolling has successfully completed an audit with the Performance Review Institute (PRI) and is now certified to AS9100, including a renewal of our existing ISO 9001 certification. We are proud to report that, even with a rigorous and thorough examination by a top-notch registrar, our quality control and management systems at Superior Thread Rolling passed the initial audit with no findings. We received a 100% approval rating at every level of our organization - a rare occurrence in any industry - with successful subsequent surveillance audits.

Our recent AS9100 and ISO 9001 certification is an integral part of our lean manufacturing initiative to lower our production costs, increase our quality, and maintain our world-class competitive environment. Click here to download our ISO/AS certificate (pdf).

Where do You Go When Your Rocket Ship Needs a Part Fast?

March 2011

Sometimes our customers forget to order parts – parts that take over fifty weeks to make! Recently, Superior Thread Rolling was given a challenge to transform a 70-lb. forged Inconel block into a precision-machined clevis in fourteen weeks. The pressure was on for both Superior Thread Rolling and our customer due to a critical government payload that could not miss the scheduled launch date.

Superior Thread Rolling brings more to the table than just a job shop. Our technical capabilities and engineering creativity enable us to find alternative manufacturing methods that can condense a fifty-week manufacturing cycle into fourteen weeks – a seventy-two percent reduction in lead time! In this case, Superior Thread Rolling created innovative processes that changed the material configuration and manufacturing sequences to produce a dramatically shortened delivery schedule, as well as a substantially lower unit cost for future runs.

Our six lean-manufacturing cells offer a level of flexibility that empowers our employees to make the impossible happen. Each cell has a set competency that really makes a difference in all areas of quality, part flow and cost.

In addition, Superior Thread Rolling has invested a considerable amount of time to improve our supply-chain relationships, increasing our ability to move work quickly through our outside processing partners. With our clevis challenge, these efforts paid off with perfect coordination between fourteen separate outside processing operations.

To say the least, our successful team effort made us heroes. Our customer made a special trip to Superior Thread Rolling to thank us, and to present an award from their management team for a job well done. They said that this is a part that will never move from our company. Now, that is the kind of relationship we are looking for!

Superior Thread Rolling Now Accepts Credit Cards

July 2009

Superior Thread Rolling now provides another convenience for our customers by accepting Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards for all payments. Now you can simply call us with your credit card number and save the time and expense of dealing with paper-based invoices. Your account is never charged until your parts have shipped, unless other arrangements have been made and approved by you in advance. Your transaction is 100% secure so why not try our latest convenience for yourself. Call us today and find out how simple it is to pay by credit card at Superior Thread Rolling.

A Commitment to Cell-Based Manufacturing

May 2008

Superior Thread Rolling has forged ahead with our strong commitment to lean manufacturing. We have increased our cell-based manufacturing to include eight Thread Rolling Cells and five Precision Machining Cells, for a total of thirteen fully-operational manufacturing cells. With the majority of our manufacturing operations now organized into cells, we have increased our efficiency, reduced average lead times, and enhanced overall value to our customers through flexible, faster deliveries, unrivaled quality and very competitive pricing.

At Superior Thread Rolling we are committed to lean manufacturing throughout our organization, and to providing you with the optimum balance of pricing, quality and performance. Contact us today to find out more about lean manufacturing at Superior Thread Rolling, and what cell-based manufacturing can do for you.

Superior RFQ Forms Online

December 2006

Now you can download and print our new Request for Quotation forms for thread rolling and manufacturing services right from our website. These new forms make it easy to get a quote from Superior Thread Rolling. Just fill out the form and fax it to our quote specialist for a quick response. Click on the Quote Us button to the left, or click here for our Thread Rolling RFQ form, or click here for our Manufacturing RFQ form.

Lean Manufacturing at Superior Thread Rolling

October 2005

Put simply, Lean Manufacturing is all about reducing the time and resources required to produce a product by eliminating non-value-added waste in the production stream. Lean Manufacturing is a dynamic process, one that is never completed. At Superior Thread Rolling, Lean Manufacturing is an integral part of our commitment to continuous improvement at all levels of our organization.

On the shop floor, we have applied the principles of Lean Manufacturing to create precision machining cells, speed the thread rolling process, and enhance our computerized production control system, just to name a few. Selected management and production personnel meet regularly as a team to assess the results, with positive applications replicated in other areas of the company. Lean Manufacturing is one of the many ways that Superior Thread Rolling is maximizing efficiency and value for our customers. When it comes to world-class Lean Manufacturing technology, Superior Thread Rolling is committed where it counts.

Superior Uses Kaizen

October 2005

The word Kaizen comes from two Japanese words: Kai (continuous) and Zen (improvement). Kaizen in manufacturing means improving and streamlining a particular process by deconstructing, analyzing, improving, and reassembling that process in order to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Superior Thread Rolling is committed to the Kaizen principle as a part of our overall process of continuous improvement. We have applied Kaizen to various processes at Superior with excellent results. Our latest effort involves cell #3 in our thread rolling department where we re-established hand tools on a shadow board, and standardized blade attachments, work rests and work stops.

As a result, set-up time on this cell has been reduced by twenty percent, with the added value passed on to our customers in the form of reduced lead times and faster service. Our ongoing Kaizen events are one more way that Superior Thread Rolling saves you time and money on your thread rolling and precision machining requirements.

A State-of-the-Art Production Control System

October 2005

Superior Thread Rolling has recently invested in M1 ERP software from Bowen & Groves. The new system incorporates a wide range of business analysis and productivity tools into an easy-to-use, integrated format accessible to all levels of management and qualified personnel at Superior. The software also features web-based, individualized training modules to get our entire team up to speed quickly. From your first RFQ to your final shipment, the M1 system tracks your order through our manufacturing process and provides vital, up-to-the-minute information to keep your parts moving on time.

When combined with our company-wide commitment to Lean Manufacturing, the new M1 ERP system offers you a combination of information and efficiency that is hard to beat in the industry today. Superior Thread Rolling remains committed to the latest in information technology to provide you with exceptional value and outstanding service in thread rolling and precision machining.

Superior Thread Rolling is a proud member of the Southern California Manufacturing Group

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